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On-site spay and neuter to begin at Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society

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More Amarillo animals will be rescued and adopted thanks to a new mobile facility at the Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society. 

Starting next week, the Humane Society will begin spaying and neutering animals on site instead of having to outsource to a private veterinarian.

This is thanks to a full-time veterinarian who joined their staff in November, and a brand new spay and neuter trailer.

They'll save a little money and lots of lives as they work their way up to fixing 30 to 40 animals per day a couple times per week.

The sooner these animals are fixed, the sooner they can get to their new homes.

Previously the Humane Society worked with private vets to fix a couple animals per day, and it slowed down the process for getting these pets to their new homes, whether in Amarillo or through out-of-state rescues.

"The amount of animals we're going to be able to get out even faster....we're going to be able to save more animals," said Robin Cupell, Assistant Director of the Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society. "It's going to have a huge impact on what we're able to do as far as having them ready to go home with somebody right when they come out and meet the new love of their life. They can take it home so that we don't have to leave it in the shelter longer than is necessary."

The idea to bring in the trailer formed over a year ago.

While it's main purpose is for spay and neuter, the on-site vet will be able to help with other common procedures and check-ups.

"We have a pretty decent sized foster program, animals that we're prepping for rescue need health certificates to leave the state, we can do more extensive vaccines and exams," said Cupell. "The difference is going to be night and day."

Once everything is up and running, the Humane Society hopes to expand its services past the shelter gates.

"In the future we really hope to be able to offer public spay and neuter with this," said Cupell. "We see that happening within a few months to maybe a year down the road to be able to offer more low cost services to help get pets of Amarillo spayed and neutered."

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