Amarillo Zoo prepares animals for winter months

Amarillo Zoo prepares animals for winter months

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Winter is here and people are making sure they stay warm during the season. Zoo keepers are also during their job to make sure the animals at the Amarillo Zoo stay wrapped up and comfortable for the winter.

On October 1st the zoo made assessments for the cold weather. They provide heaters, shelters, and procedures so that their animals wouldn't experience cold winter night.

"Most of our animals do have shelters that are heated and they have heaters. If it's a house then maybe we can put bedding in we do that, because some of the animals have nest boxes. So we bed those down with straw. Everyone has some sort of shelter," Zoo Coordinator Rhonda Votino.

On top of worrying about catering to the different species and habitats, zoo keepers also have taken into consideration the age, health and wellness of the animals.

Votino said a year ago they started a new thing where they provided blankets for animals who are older and suffered from pains like arthritis.

She added that their two mustangs Cupid and Wynnsong are in their twenties, and they getting up in age. She went on to say that the cold air brings not only brings them shivers but also pain.

Votino said the zoo is the home of the animals and it's their responsibility to do everything they can to make the animals feel safe comfortable and at home.

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