Amarillo Home Depot employees receive awards for saving man's life

Amarillo Home Depot employees receive awards for saving man's life

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Two Amarilloans are being called heroes after a workplace incident could have ended much worse.

Home Depot Employees on Georgia tell us they are all like family. But one event really tested that bond.

It was an average day on the job for Zane Crabtree, Angel Garza, and Cliff Bailey. Bailey typically worked alone, but Crabtree was asked to partner up for the shift.

Bailey said he needed to take a break and when Crabtree turned around, Bailey had collapsed.

"I tried to get some kind of sign out of him and clearly he wasn't conscious," said Crabtree.

Crabtree called 911 and yelled for help during the medical emergency. It was then Garza stepped in.

He ran to Crabtree's aid and they began CPR. Bailey had no pulse.

"Whenever I found out I was having kids, I thought to look up videos of how to do CPR on a child and I looked up like 17 videos on how to do that," said Garza. "And I thought what the heck? I'm going to look up how to do it for an adult and that is the only training I had was YouTube."

First responders say if it weren't for these men, Bailey would likely not be alive today. And today they were given the prestigious Home Depot "Angel Award" for their bravery and heroism.

"I just remember waking up but I've heard what everybody's told me that happened. And I'm really very grateful for them," said Bailey.

"Honestly I was there and I just happened to be there," said Crabtree. "It's not like I'm anything special, I just happened to be in the right situation."

"Cliff is one of the greatest guys that we have here at home depot and I know that he would have done the same for us," says Garza. "So it's only fair that we do the same for him. He's a good guy, I know that he would have done everything to help us out if we were ever in his position."

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