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YCCO prepares to face winter conditions

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With the help of the Amarillo community, one organization is working to provide shelter for the homeless.

Yellow City Community Outreach (YCCO) has one simple mission this winter... saving lives. 

Vice President Kitt Rudd said last winter they lost two people to the cold.

One froze to death and another person died after being run over while sleeping under a mattresses.

"I can tell already it's going to be a rough winter and I would be beside myself if we lose another life to cold weather and homelessness," Rudd expressed. "I am going to be beside myself because as a community we can make such a huge difference to save lives."

Right now, YCCO is in need of financial donations to keep those in need out of the streets during cold nights.

Last year, the organization help those who couldn't find shelter by providing motel rooms for them and with the funds collected this year, they plan to do the same.

In addition to severe winter weather, Rudd said a big concern is wet conditions.

"As they get wet they are at a higher risk [of death] because it doesn't have to be below freezing for hypothermia to set in," Rudd said. "This is a huge problem, so I am looking at a cold wet winter that could be worse than last winter. We had a blizzard of epic proportions and it is amazing how these people pulled through it."

Rudd believes it is important for the community to get involved and see first hand the impact they can make to help the homeless.

Saturday Dec. 3, YCCO will be hosting a "No Sew Blanket" event.

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