Search for Hemphill County teen continues

Search for Hemphill County teen continues

HEMPHILL COUNTY, TX (KFDA) - It's been a week since 18-year-old Thomas Brown went missing and his friends and family aren't giving up hopes of finding him yet.

According Brown's mother, Penny Brown, he was last seen around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 23. after spending the evening with friends.

Brown is a senior at Canadian High School, has good friends, played football, and was involved in drama productions.

Canadian residents describe Brown as "fun loving" and said they're shocked he disappeared.

"Tom just always seemed like a fun loving guy," longtime friend Noah Spencer said. "He was someone you could go to if you wanted to talk to someone. He never really told you about anything that was going on in his life but he was happy to reach his hand out to help you."

Which is why no one in Canadian understands how or why he went missing just one week ago.

"I was surprised, you know couldn't believe what I had heard," Spencer said. "It just seemed like fake. Like you were in a dream."

The town is on the seventh day of the search now, but those search efforts are just as strong as day one.

The Hemphill County Sheriff's Office has used cars, dogs, horses, pedestrians and more to search for Brown.

Search helicopters have been out every day for the past seven days trying to find Brown and Canadian is one of, if not the most, heavily wooded areas in the Texas Panhandle, making the search just a little bit harder.

But law enforcement doesn't plan to stop until Brown is home.

"We focus more on our investigation with into Thomas Brown himself because we've got to come up with any and all reasons for his disappearance," Sheriff Nathan Lewis said.

Lewis said they've found no evidence of foul play, but they cannot rule out anything yet - kidnapping, runaway, suicide are all still real possibilities until they learn more information.
"We are looking into phone records, internet, emails, anything that we can possibly look into that will give us some direction of where we need to go," Lewis said.

The Canadian community is sticking together and doing their part to search and find Brown.

"He's a good kid and he's got lots of friends and so, it's just, it's really a bizarre case and we're sure hoping and praying that it's gonna get solved and he's gonna come back to us," Canadian Independent School District Superintendent Kyle Lynch said.
The Hemphill County Sheriff's Office is asking those who know anything about Thomas Brown's whereabouts to contact them at (806) 323-5324.

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