Public Perspective a powerful tool to get things done

Public Perspective a powerful tool to get things done

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Last week I talked about being thankful for Amarillo. Many agreed the people are great, the sunsets are awesome, but others expressed their concerns.

One Facebook post read "the trash on I-40 and I-27 is horrible."

Another person's email stated, "We have high rates of STD in Amarillo. We have a higher immigrant population than anyone else in the state, and we have a high crime rate. We need some things to change."

Perspective is an interesting thing. We all have one based on what we see, know, or think we know.

Another Perspective piece created a stir as well as we discussed road construction in our city. Since then, the Texas Department of Transportation has started back to work on the I-40 and Soncy turnarounds.

TxDOT tells NewsChannel 10 they are on target to meet deadlines on this project, as well as the I-40 to I-27 flyover ramp.

The viewer comments were very aggressive on this matter with lots of questions and confusion about TxDOT projects and the city road projects.

In efforts to clear this matter up even more and give you more information, we will do a follow-up in the next few weeks.

It's not too late to give us your Perspective on this matter. Send us an email with your concerns and we'll ask your questions and follow up with this topic and others.

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