Heal the City celebrates new home

Heal the City celebrates new home
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Heal the City has opened the doors of their new location on Carolina Street.

This nonprofit aims to provide free medical care to those who are uninsured in our area.

The clinic was located near the Generation Next Worship Center but has move to the old midtown YMCA at 609 S. Carolina St.

"Every week we have about 50 volunteers that show up," Dr. Alan Keister, Heal the City Founder, said "All of our physicians are volunteers. We have a pediatrician, a dentist that comes weekly, we have nurse practitioners and internal medicine physicians from around the city and they give their time and services to provide and meet the urgent care needs of our uninsured."

The old clinic was nearly 1,500 square feet, where over 80 patients would wait to visit with a physician each Monday.

The new location is about 20,000 square feet, it holds an 8,000 square foot pool area that will be later transformed into an activity room.

On the south side of the building, there are hopes to turn another 8,000 square feet into a permanent clinic within the next 6 months.

"What we target are uninsured patients, people that don't have the sources to get health care and this new location will help," Keister said. "We really try to get our patients plugged into existing resources that are available."

Heal the City is calling this new location perfect to provide more privacy and better care for patients but volunteers and donations are needed to maximize the care in this old building.

"We're always looking for donations, every dollar that we get really goes to providing patient care for the people that we serve here at Heal the City," Keister said. "We've been very fortunate to have funding from local foundations and the community of Amarillo has really poured into us and we wouldn't be here without them."

Heal the City will continue to provide medical assistance every Monday from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Each Thursday, from noon until 2 p.m. patients can also get lab and test results and the last Tuesday of every month the clinic is working with Texas Tech to provide free breast and cervical cancer screenings.

For more information about Heal the City visit their website. 

To help celebrate their new clinic, the ER on Soncy is announcing their partnership with the clinic to help provide healthcare to those uninsured in our community.

The ER at 3530 S. Soncy Rd. will be hosting an open house and ribbon cutting on Friday, Dec. 2 beginning at 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m.

At this event, visitors will be able to help provide donations to go toward Heal the City.

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