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Area hunters donating to help feed locals in need

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The High Plains Food Bank is partnering with Clint and Sons Beef Jerky to receive donated game from local hunters to feed food insecure families.

This weekend is expected to bring in one of the largest yields of the year. 

"We will probably get over 200 deer this weekend between Friday and Monday," Clint & Sons Expansion and Marketing Director, Josh Cook, said. "We will probably see about 1,000 this year and it's a growing program. We will take the meat that the hunters want to donate and we have been doing this for more than two years." 

This three year partnership has helped collect and process over 8,000 pounds of venison meat for the High Plains Food Bank, which has been used to feed about 8,000 families within the Texas Panhandle. 

"The people in this area are generous people, they are givers and a lot of times the hunters will harvest an extra deer just to say, 'hey, look I can do my part to make sure that people don't go to bed hungry,'" Cook said. "A lot of hunters will do that just to go above and beyond for the food bank."

The cost to process a whole deer can be pricey, yet many hunters still work to donate a whole animal and also pitch in $50 to go toward the processing of the meat.

The food bank also gives $50 to process the meat, so that Clint and Sons can package the venison into 95 percent lean meat and transport it fully sealed and frozen.

"The cost to process a whole deer is about $150," Cook said. 'Some will go a little higher and we cover whatever is left after the hunter has done their part and the food bank has done theirs. We cover the rest of the costs and what we do for the food bank is put it all in hamburger. Hamburger is the most easily utilizable meat that people can get at their home and be able to know what to do with."

Clint and Sons will process any game animal expect for wild hogs. 

Hunters can donate a whole animal or pieces of meat.

For more information on how to donate to the food bank visit Clint and Sons Beef Jerky's website or call (806) 883-7831.

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