Panhandle EuroTech giving away car for Christmas once again

Panhandle EuroTech giving away car for Christmas once again

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Christmas will come early to one area family in need.

Panhandle EuroTech sees hundreds of cars come through their shop each year. But one stands out from the rest, as they hope it helps change a deserving family's life.

Imagine not having a vehicle to get to and from where you need to, especially when you're trying to change your life. Well, Panhandle EuroTech is hoping to make one family less stressed, by providing them with a car.

This is the second year this is being done.

"It was really one of the most amazing things I've ever been involved in, so we're doing it again," says Owner Chris Lumpkin.

But owners don't just go and buy a new car. They purchase something affordable, and put a lot of hours into fixing any issues they find.

"So far every car we've had has had less than 100,000 miles," says Owner Robert Morton. "This year we got a Subaru Outback and it actually needed a transmission, so we had to put a whole transmission in it and we got it all done and now it's ready to go, so we're just looking for someone to give it to."

So what goes into the ideal candidate for this car? Lumpkin and Morton say they began from humble beginnings and many of the candidates encompass that as well.

"We're hoping to find somebody that's trying to improve themselves, trying to maybe start over and doing all the right things and just not having any luck," says Lumpkin. "We want to help that person out."

"I hope that it just gives someone the opportunity to better themselves. There's a lot of people out there in need and people who are trying and that's the person who we want to find, so someone who's trying and can't get ahead and we want this car to make a difference in their life."

Deadlines to submit nominations will be on December 11th and the giveaway will be held on December 17th.

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