Soldiers hoping to showcase everyday struggles to Amarilloans

Soldiers hoping to showcase everyday struggles to Amarilloans

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - In Amarillo, National guard soldiers are hoping to showcase their everyday struggles protecting our country.

Real people, real heroes.

This is the slogan for the documentary called citizen soldier, that one Captain hopes will enhance people's views of men and women in uniform.

If you think you know what goes on when a soldier is deployed overseas...unless you are one, you probably don't know.

But creators of the documentary "Citizen Soldier" hope to shed some light on the important topic.

It documents the deployment of multiple soldiers in Afghanistan.

"All the footage is from the soldiers themselves," says Oklahoma National Guard Captain Tyler Brown. "It was caught from go pro cameras that we wore on the side of our helmets, so it's unique in that aspect."

Once they arrived from their deployment, one soldier decided to compile their footage to tell a deeper story. It gives viewers a more intimate view into the mayhem and terror of combat, but it also highlights the bravery of these men and women.

"For the normal civilian, it's a very powerful film and it brings a lot more awareness and respect and understanding to what that citizen soldier has to go through and does because not only is he working two different careers, it has a huge impact on his family."

Brown says what he also hopes viewers take away is understanding the added struggles those citizen soldiers experience, as they work two jobs, while still balancing family life.

"One week out of the month, he's going back and forth to drill 2 weeks out of the summer and then all of a sudden he's called out for deployment, so he immediately has to leave his civilian deployment and his family and friends behind and take up this other role," says Brown. "But after the deployment is over with and he comes back home, he has to immediately try to fit back in to that civilian job and role and back in with his family."

A screening of Citizen Soldier will be held on December 7th at the Happy State Bank Patterson auditorium. A time has not yet been set, but we will keep you updated as soon as it is announced.

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