Viral video shows teacher removing mic from boy with autism

Viral video shows teacher removing mic from boy with autism

HARRISON COUNTY, WV (CNN) - A viral video out of West Virginia shows an elementary school teacher snatching away a microphone from an autistic first-grader just as he was about to give his thoughts about Thanksgiving as part of a school program.

The video has garnered national attention, and the young child's father is now speaking out.

"He never, ever goes without laughing or saying 'I love you mommy and daddy," Kent Squires said.

Squires was heartbroken to see his 6-year-old son, who has high functioning autism, in tears, moments after the teacher in question takes the microphone off the stage.

"For them to do what they did is very appalling to me."

Squires says that in the video, taken by the boy's mother, their son was about to deliver his favorite line..."gobble, gobble."

"But there's no way to defend it okay? We saw it, I saw it, the 17 second snippet...there's no way to defend it," Superintendent Mark Manchin said.

Doctor Manchin insists there was no malice intent and that the teacher feels horrible about the incident. He says the school never received a permission slip from the boy's parents and that the play had already ended.

As for the teacher in question, Manchin says she will not be disciplined.

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