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Pampa police recruit through social media

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Chief Lance Richburg / Source: KFDA Chief Lance Richburg / Source: KFDA

When it comes to recruiting new officers, the Pampa Police Department is using social media to show off their skills, spark interest and draw in recruits.

With the help of PaceCar Productions, the officers in blue put together a video.

The action packed video portrays the different type of situations officers face.

Officers used their Facebook page to launch the video and have been using it while out on job fairs and when they attend interactive public events.

Police Chief Lance Richburg said smaller towns like Pampa have a hard time bringing in new officers.

"I think you can talk to other departments in the Panhandle and find out that in the smaller departments it's difficult at times to recruit," Richburg said. "We are trying to think outside the box and certainly we are not the first department to utilize this tactic. We assigned a couple of officers to kind of be our think tank on this and they came up with the idea and they put it on all together and we are very proud of the finished product."

And Pampa officials agree that a lot of information floats around social media. 

Richburg said his department works close with the City of Pampa to make sure accurate information goes out to social media platforms.

"What we want to do with our social media is we want our citizens to have one source to go to," Community Service Director Dustin Miller said. "We encourage them to come to our Facebook page our Twitter account because we are putting out the correct information. The information we put out helps calm public fears and gets correct information out there."

Social media has helped shift the way both departments communicate with residents.

The police department uses it to put out helpful information and to keep the community updated on any breaking situations happening in the city.

"[We use it to] get vital information to the community, to give updates and reports on things not only what the police department is doing but our fire departments and city services," Richburg said. "Social media is a great tool for us to get a lot of information out to a lot of people really fast."

For more information about joining the force or hiring information visit their website

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