Rolling Hills Elementary pays tribute to students who lost lives

Rolling Hills Elementary pays tribute to students who lost lives

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Funerals were held for an Amarillo mother and her three children today, leaving many in mourning.

The murder-suicide of a mother and her children has shaken the community. But instead of dwelling on the incident itself, the Rolling Hills Elementary community came together to remember the lives of their students.

Hundreds of balloons were released today to bid goodbye to 8-year-old Ricky Stone and his siblings 5-year-old Audrianna Stone, and 4-year-old Keagan Stone.

Many of the balloons had notes of hope, that students have faith will reach heaven.

"At their age, they need to have some closure, they need to be able to see that their voices are heard and that they're getting to say goodbye to their friends in the classroom and so this was the best way that we could see that could actually do something," says River Road Dyslexia Coordinator Keri Melban. "They've been writing letters, they've been writing notes to their friends."

Ricky was known as a gentleman and avid cub scout. Audrianna was a kind cheerleader. And Keagan was often called a class clown.

"They were special and they are just precious and we don't want to ever want to forget them, you know we didn't have them for long just because they were so young, but that didn't matter to us," says Melban. "We loved them and they were very much a part of our family, very much a part of our classes and just who we are at river road."

Many of the teachers at rolling hills say they had a special connection with the Stone children, as they made people smile wherever they went. Along with a memorial service last night, school officials hope today's event gave students the much-needed closure.

"Not everybody's able to go to a funeral and that's not always appropriate for young ones and so we were happy to be able to have that opportunity for them to give them closure to them so that they can see that they need to move on, never forget our friends, love them and remember them."

Officials tell us an active investigation is still underway in this case.

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