Humane Society changing schedule to allow more rescues

Humane Society changing schedule to allow more rescues

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarilllo-Panhandle Humane Society officials are hoping a new schedule will help rescuers save more animals.

Amarillo's shelter animals rely heavily on rescuers to come in and transport them to a no-kill shelter, or another rescue organization. And the Humane Society is putting a new rule in place to hopefully make that process quicker and easier.

It was quieter than usual behind the walls of the Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society it is the first of many Mondays they will close their doors to the public.

This is all in an effort to make way for the humans and animals coming in and out for rescues.

"We are really trying to organize our efforts to get the animals out of the shelter," says Interim Director Amie Brooks. "And obviously our top priority is getting as many animals out as quickly as we can."

Now on Mondays, the main focus will be getting the animals to rescues who transport them to others, sometimes within the panhandle area, but many times out of state.

Not only the labor of transporting animals, but the paperwork and logistics make dedicating one day to the process necessary.

"With our efforts being focused there, our goal is to get 500 animals out of the shelter every month through rescue on Mondays," says Brooks. "So sometimes there will be rescues other days of the week that will come for transports, but we're trying to focus on Monday so that way Tuesday through Saturday we can really focus on the public."

Though the Humane Society will be closed, those interested in seeing the animals can still do so. The Animal Management and Welfare portion will still be open, however no adoptions will be allowed on Mondays.

"We think it's kind of the best of both worlds because the public can still come in and look at the animals and see which ones they might be interested in and then we can facilitate the adoption the next day," says Brooks.

Brooks says they are doing this with one thing in mind.

"The shelter environment is no environment for an animal to live long-term, so our goal is always for the health of the animals to get as many out as we can and we feel like making this change will help us be able to do that."

Pet adoptions through the Humane Society will remain available Tuesday through Friday, 10-7 and Saturday 11-5.

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