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Xcel Energy working with Veterans through their Veteran Hiring Strategy Initiative

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Xcel Energy is working together with our nations veterans through their Veteran Hiring Strategy Initiative to help them transition from active duty to civilian life.

The Veteran Hiring Strategy Program works to help veterans transfer their experience in the service to the company.

Xcel has exceeded their goal of 10 percent of new hires having a military background across their 8 state service area this year.

New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle have also followed in the companies footsteps. Locally 11 veterans were hired this year which is between 10 and 15 percent of our local hires for the year. 

15 percent of new hires for the company as a whole have been military veterans. Xcel says they value veterans because their military training prepares them for the challenges of potentially dangerous task of working for a utility company. 

"We're trying to build our workforce for the future," says, Wes Reeves Communications Director for Xcel Energy. "We have a lot of folks who are getting ready to retire over the next few years and veterans are really the best sector to look at. This is  because they are well trained and are ready for jobs like this and they are willing to work they're needing the work and so we are ready to bring them on board."

As part of Xcel Energy's efforts to hire veterans, it recently joined Veterans in Energy, a national organization and recruiting network linking veterans to current job openings in the energy industry.

With the goal of the program being to help veterans transition from military life to civilian life, there are mentors available to provide support when needed.The mentors are here to assist hiring managers by helping them read resumes and give them the tools they need to best hire veterans. 

First is getting them in the door." Says, Todd Hancock, Mentor and Xcel Energy Employee,  "So, helping the hiring managers understand what they did in the military and translate their skills they developed in the military to help us as a company. 

The mentors also work with veterans directly after they are hired. One of those mentors is Todd Hancock who works at a station in Amarillo. Hancock served on active duty in the marine corps and is currently part of the inactive reserves. He believes the program is valuable to veterans trying to adjust to life outside of the military.

Hancock also pointed out veteran's have many skills that can help Xcel Energy as a company and he works to help managers recognize those skills and put these men and women in places that will help the company excel. 

"The discipline and structure that they are used to make them great team members." Says Hancock, "So, bringing them in and backing up our team as far as their discipline and helping us get through."

For more information visit the veteran hiring program.

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