Local immigrant reacts to Trump's plans on immigration

Local immigrant reacts to Trump's plans on immigration

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Many Trump supporters celebrated Donald Trump's win Tuesday, Nov. 8. Many believe that he can create a foundation of making America great again with new laws and strongly enforcing current ones.

One of his main topics throughout his campaign was illegal immigration and deporting those who lack proper documentation.

With Trump soon being the new Commander in Chief some people wonder how he will carry through illegal citizen laws.

An illegal immigrant from Amarillo who wants to remain anonymous, expressed his feelings towards deportation.

"As an illegal immigrant I feel like if I get deported or we all get deported the only thing we can do is go back to our country and fight for what is ours. I don't think the fight is against Donald Trump and other Americans. I think the fight is against the people that runs our countries."

Chairman for Potter Country Republican Party and Trump supporter, Jim Lowder, said Trump is not telling people they are not welcome to America. People should have the right to know who comes in and out of the country.

"A million new legal citizens every year. That's pretty darn generous and a lot of them are from Mexico, South America and from all over around the world. I will say welcome to the United States, but come to the front door. Do it properly don't sneak in the back door, don't break the law," Lowder said.

The only thing anyone can now do is wait, watch and see if President-Elect Trump makes some major changes or if some things will remain the same.

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