WT helps students process election results

WT helps students process election results
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CANYON, TX (KFDA) - WT student and faculty reactions to Donald Trump winning the election varied drastically.

Some people were excited that Trump won, scared that he won, confused as to how he won, and curious about what happens next.

So teachers got together to let students express these opinions.

The history department teamed up with Buff Allies, an LGBT support group for students, to hold what they called an Election Support and Healing Clinic Thursday.

Because even though Trump said, "I love this country," several students and faculty don't believe him.

"Concerns as far as how Donald Trump talked about females in general - there's a worry about legitimizing hate," said Jenny Gunn, a co-facilitator with Amarillo Transgender Support Group.

Students flowed in and out of the discussion all day.

Many were concerned about LGBT and minority rights, how and when the country is going to change, and some were unsure how the presidency works.

"This is giving them a chance to be able to talk about it without worrying about what they're saying," said Dr. Kris Drumheller, head of the history department and coordinator for Buff Allies. "Then that way when they get into these classroom environments or they're out on campus, hopefully they're having positive interactions because they've really gotten to think out, 'what do I want to do here, where do I want to go from here?'"

Faculty also took this opportunity to learn from students how they can hold productive political discussions in class.

"It's been interesting for me to talk to other people saying, 'hey I never really paid attention to the issues, but now that I'm an actual voter I actually care about what's going on,'" said Chandler Huddleston, Student Affairs Chairman. "That's one thing I've seen. There's a more vested interest in the affairs of our country now."

Students who still feel anxious about the election have a lot of resources available to them at WT:

  • Counseling Services                        651-2340
  • Student Affairs                                651-2050
  • Residential Living                            651-3000
  • Office for Diversity and Inclusion    651-8480
  • Advising Services                            651-5300
  • Buff Allies see WTAMU.edu/buffallies for campus allies
  • Faculty and staff in your major department

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