Creative writing at the polls

Creative writing at the polls

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Instead of Donald Trump, imagine if Donald Duck was president? How about Willie Nelson? Or even Jesus?

It might seem a little odd, but these are just a few of the hundreds of write-in candidates submitted in Potter and Randall Counties.

"Other people decided to freestyle it. So, we've got lots of different choices in there," said Potter County Administrator, Melynn Huntley. "I can tell you that musicians did really well on this like Kanye West and Alice Cooper."

Mickey Mouse was voted on a few times, as well as Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, and Santa Clause is also on there.

Dozens of voters even held-on to candidates from the Primaries, like Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders.

"Bernie Sanders got 37 votes and Ted Cruz got 66 votes," said Shannon Lackey from the Randall County Elections Office. "Four Price actually got a vote and this isn't even his district."

With long hours at the elections offices, Huntley and Lackey found the write-ins entertaining.

"When we're really tired, my favorite thing is to look at the write in's because it does add a little bit of levity of the night," said Huntley.

"We did get a good laugh about it," said Lackey.

Between the two counties, there were over 700 rejected ballots with bogus candidates. Some might think this is an example of people not taking the election seriously -- but both Huntley and Lackey say it's making a statement.

"They didn't have a vote to give. That individual person didn't feel like they could vote for anyone that was available to them," said Lackey. "So, it's not throwing away a vote. They simply didn't like their choices, so they made up their own."

So, even though it's Mr. Trump heading to the White House. There are still many wishing it were Bill Murray or even Stephen Colbert.

There were only 13 legit write-ins used in Potter County and over 370 in Randall County.

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