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What to know when heading out to vote

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In Potter and Randall counties, nearly 60,000 people participated in early voting. 

In Potter County more than 18,000 registered voters took advantage of Texas' two week early voting period. But, the shocking turnout was in Randall County. Randall County Election Administrator Shannon Lackey prepared her staff to see around 35,000 people, but, that number was overshot significantly. 

They saw more than 40,000 people head to the polls during early voting, which is 47% of the counties registered voters. However, even though Potter and Randall counties, and many other counties around the panhandle, saw a large turn out there is still a high percentage of people left to vote on election day. 

Election officials are still preparing for thousands more to flock to the polls on Nov. 8. Randall County Officials are doing everything they can to make sure they are prepared for everything on election day and that also goes for every election office around the panhandle. 

Randall County has brought in all of their voting equipment as well as extra staff to make sure everything runs smoothly. They have asked all voting locations to hire extra volunteers as well as asked county judges to volunteer their staff for the day to make sure they have all hands on deck for the record number of people expected to vote. 

What you can and cannot do at the polls can sometimes be confusing. NewsChannel 10 has put together a few DO's and DON'Ts about what to do when heading to vote.

Contrary to belief, you are actually not allowed use your phone at polling locations. State law says no mobile device or recording device is allowed to be used within 100 feet of the door. This means, no taking selfies when casting your ballots and no talking on your phone while voting.

Also, even though Texas is now an open and concealed carry state, you are not allowed to have your gun with you at all while casting your vote.

Some people might not know that you cannot promote a candidate at the polls. That means, you cannot wear anything that supports a certain candidate or even talk about your decision in the voting booth. This is called electioneering and COULD get you kicked out of the polling location.

If you have an out of state license, you can still vote in Texas. You will just need to sign an affidavit stating you live where you are registered.

Lastly, you DON'T need your registration card to vote. However, it does speed up the process. You DO need at least one of the seven acceptable forms of ID when heading to the polls. These include; a drivers license, a passport, Military ID, a Texas Election Identification Certificate, Texas license to carry a handgun, or citizenship card. 

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