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Borger listed as a burglary "hot spot" in Texas

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Borger has been placed in the "Top 10 Burglary Hot Spots" in Texas.

This report was compiled by a national home security company using the most recently released uniform crime report, which would include crimes from the past year.

And in this past year, the downturn of the oil industry hit Borger hard.

The Borger Police Department said this led to a lot of lost jobs, and many people turning to crime to get things they can no longer afford.

And lately, the city has seen a lot more people than it's used to hosting.

"Borger right now has a lot of contractors in town with the big expansion at Agrium, and that's been going on for the last year," said Lt. Garrett Spradling with the Borger PD. "Having that influx of people can really impact that, too. I think at one point there were upwards of 3,000 contractors in this town."

Spradling said these contractors can add to the problem, both by increasing the population and bringing big trailers full of expensive equipment into town.

"When you have jobs like that in an economic downturn, you bring in a lot of people coming into the community looking for a job that might not be able to get one," said Spradling. "So there again you might have a bigger influx of transient people that can lead to some of those increases."

Borger police have also become more strict on reporting crime, which is another possible factor in its top 10 ranking.

But they are still working to lower the burglary rate.

"We are 2 officers short right now, but we've been able to fill those and are working to fill those so that impacts some of it," said Spradling. "But we do as much as we can and we're out there. I think people know that if they look at our Facebook page and they see the weekly arrests and they see what we're doing, we're trying to get communities in."

Spradling said building trust with the community is one of the best ways to start solving this burglary problem.

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