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Demolition begins on Coca Cola building to make way for MPEV

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Another step has been taken toward building the multipurpose event venue in downtown Amarillo.

This afternoon, the first wall came down at the former Coca Cola distribution building. And officials say this is symbolic for what's to come.

Baseball helmets instead of hardhats for city officials today...perhaps a glimpse into the future?

Many of them hope so.

The first wall came down at the former Coca Cola distribution center, to make way for the MPEV.

"This is kind of the beginning of the third catalyst project..first being the hotel, second the parking garage and retail and this is kind of the next step in the MPEV, so for the baseball stadium," says Deputy City Manager Bob Cowell. "First thing we have to do of course is get rid of what's here, so that's what we're doing today."

"This is the third stop as we move forward in downtown redevelopment and revitalization," says LGC Chair Sunny Hodge-Campbell.

But there is a piece missing from the bigger picture, an actual team to play at the MPEV.

Once the team is lined up, the city will go into design, then ultimately construction of the stadium.

Until then, construction will be at a standstill.

"We're still in those discussions," says Cowell. "The sub committee of the LGC has been in constant contact with the owners of the team and city management in contact with San Antonio because of course they're involved with this as well. Still no deals yet, still nothing finished...that's why we're just taking this one step at a time so today, start the demolition and get done with it and we won't proceed to design until we've got that agreement in place."

"I think it's moving at the right pace. The hotel and the parking garage will be finished by next spring within six months give or take and now this project will allow the time and the energy to focus on this. This will be the biggest project," says Hodge-Campbell.

Demolition of the remainder of the building will begin on Wednesday and is estimated to take about 10 weeks.

Though many see this as simply tearing down an old downtown building, Cowell says this is hopefully a big step toward bringing baseball and other events to downtown Amarillo.

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