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Borger PD working to lower amount of traffic accidents

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Borger police are taking to Facebook for your input before they hit the streets to try to lower traffic accidents in the city.

"Watch Out Wednesday" is the Borger Police Department's new way of getting the community involved to enforce traffic laws.

For one hour every Wednesday, Borger residents can expect to see increased police presence at a different street each week.

Police are hitting parts of town that the residents say need patrolling

"In certain areas of town it can be stop signs, in certain areas of town it can be blind corners, in other areas of town it's speeding," said Lt. Garrett Spradling.

Officers pick their locations based on resident input through suggestions and a weekly Facebook poll.

"We get a little more citizen involvement each week, and we get of course new suggestions and new ideas," said Spradling. "Generally it's been overwhelmingly positive."

Some of that positive feedback stems from the fact that the police department tells residents where it's going to be so they can be on the look out, or even avoid that area if they want. 

"People are like, 'well why would you tell people where you're going to be?' We tell you because it's not about catching you, it's not about being sneaky, it's not about generating revenue," said Spradling. "It's about garnering compliance. Our goal is to get you to comply with the existing laws, not to penalize you or to catch you doing something that you already know you probably shouldn't."

But that doesn't mean you're off the hook if you speed by.

Officers are making an average of 20 stops in that one hour time frame.

"Out of the 20 stops a good 90% are warnings," said Spradling.

The police department's main goal is to lower the number of traffic accidents while also building a relationship with the community.

If you have a location you'd like to see patrolled on watch out Wednesday, head to the Borger Police Department's Facebook page.

They'd love to hear your suggestions.

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