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Pampa opens in town recycling site

Pampa opens in town recycling site

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

The city of Pampa recently opened an in town recycling site to make it easier for residents to drop off their recyclables.

Before the new site, residents had to drive out to the Pampa land fill.

Now that there is a drop off center in the city, officials hope it will encourage residents to recycle more.

"It's important for everybody to have a facility for people to bring in their recyclables," Director of Public Works Donny Hooper said. "The more recycling that goes on around the country, the more we want to keep up with the trends and the more we want to participate with it."

Right now, the landfill is getting close to its capacity and once that happens the city will have to start construction on a new site, which will be a multimillion-dollar project.

To save residents tax money, the city hopes to delay this construction by motivating residents to use the new recycle site.

"The goal of recycling is always to divert things from our landfill, that's first and foremost what we need and want to keep everything out of our landfill," Hooper said. "It's expensive to build landfill cells, so any way that we can help with the recycling effort is something we want to peruse."

Hooper said there was a previous in town drop off area but due to vandalism they had to shut it down.

"Unfortunately, there were some people who took advantage of it not having security and would either vandalism or miss place the oil inside of the cardboard containers," Hooper said. "This facility is guarded 24 hours a day by a security system and video surveillance and we hope that will deter some of the vandalism and things that were happening and end up shutting down the in town facility we had in years past."

The new drop off site is designed as a self serve station. 

Residents can drop off paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastics, tin and used oil but there is not a recycle bin for tires, paint, chemicals, liquids or batteries.

Those materials will have to be taken down to the landfill.

The new recycling drop off center is open Monday through Friday and residents can start dropping off their recyclable objects at 7 in the morning until sundown.

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