APD officer competes in Spartan competition in full uniform

APD officer competes in Spartan competition in full uniform

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo Police Officer Faustino Martinez III competed in the Dallas Spartan Race over the weekend in full uniform in memory of Officer Justin Scherlen.

The 13.7-mile Dallas Spartan Race consists of 34 obstacles such as a rope climb and carrying a bucket of rocks, and is a true test of endurance.

Martinez completed the course in 6 hours and 46 minutes. It was the third time Martinez had competed in a Spartan event.

He said running in full uniform was a challenge and he had to pace himself because his vest constricted his breathing but feels it was well worth it.

Martinez has been on the force for the last 12 years and has known Scherlen since he was a rookie.

Martinez's brother-in-law said Tino participated in the event in memory of Scherlen, who recently passed away during his rehabilitation from a car accident last year, and to his fellow fallen officers in Dallas.

Martinez said he felt privileged to do this run for his brothers in uniform.

"We've had a good community backing but it's been a rough year (for police) nation wide," Martinez said. "I didn't do it for recognition, to me it was an honor to be able to do it. It was tough for me to finish but they kept me going."

Kris Allums said Martinez's actions are an inspiration to many.

"It amazed me to watch him do it," Allums said. "He did it with such passion. He encourages me every day to be a better man."

The Amarillo Police Department congratulated Martinez on his completion in a Facebook post Wednesday.

The event was held on Friday and Saturday in Iredell, Texas, near Dallas.

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