Amarillo father using burglary to teach daughter a lesson

Amarillo father using burglary to teach daughter a lesson

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - An Amarillo father is teaching his daughter a lesson, after having their vehicle burglarized.

Unfortunately Amarillo is no stranger to burglars.

But one family is seeing the silver lining, as they show their daughter how Amarillo gives back.

Matthew Reed and his family had their vehicle broken into Saturday night, along with a handful of others.

The burglar smashed in their windows and stole a handgun, military patches, checks and a laptop.

But one thing stood out...Reed's 6-year-old daughter Ava's glasses.

"Just in talking to her throughout the day, she keeps asking over and over why on earth someone would want to steal her glasses, which she needs for school," says Reed. "And the material things aren't really what's important, but they kind of stole my daughter's sense of security about where we live."

But instead of staying down about the burglary and wishing bad upon the person or persons who did this, Reed wants to teach Ava a lesson. He first started a gofundme page.

"I put on there that We didn't need the money, it wasn't about that," says Reed. "I wanted to show my daughter that people care and that it's not always doom and gloom like you see everyday on the news and that there are good people out there and so I wanted to do that and take any of the money left over and we're going to go to a charity event so that she can pass it on and pay it forward to other people."

Just as Ava is learning a lesson in graciousness, APD says they hope others will learn to take valuables out of their vehicles.

"We suggest that everybody locks your doors, you know take everything out of your car, lock your door and that way if someone's trying to get in your car and they do get in your car, that there's nothing to take," says Officer Jeb Hilton.

Though Ava has already reached her goal, you can still help her donate to the charity she chooses.

You can donate here:

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