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Amarillo NICU nurses give special care, love on Halloween

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For many of the compassionate men and women in the medical field, going the extra mile for those in their care is a daily expectation. But when the day is Halloween and your patients are those who need tender love the most, that's when the truly special magic happens.

The preemies at Northwest Texas Hospital's NICU are celebrating the holiday with every other costumed trick-or-treater, thanks to the staff at the unit who oversees their care even when ghouls and ghosts aren't about. 

From the wizarding world of Harry Potter to the Statue of Liberty, the distinctiveness of each costume marked the uniqueness of each child wearing them... And the true character of the nurses who handle fragility and futures every day.

The masks and capes will be put away by tomorrow.

Luckily, real superheroes don't need them anyway. 

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