Community for Country

Community for Country

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Dozens came together on Saturday, Oct. 29, to pray for the future of the nation, its leaders and against the things that cause division. Churches, local organizations and the Potter County Sheriff's Office put together the first ever Community for Country. This event is a way to bring people together as a community.

Vanessa Chavez, who is a part of the committee that organized the function said that on Saturday the Potter County Courthouse was the base of prayer, love and music.

"My hope is that America comes together again and we remember who she is and her identity because I feel like we don't know our identity as a nation. And also that through this election we are able to come together and be a light house to the world," Chavez said.

Speakers from all over came to reflect and pray on the topics of thanksgiving, the nation, race, the military, first responders, elected officials, the election, education systems, and the church.

Chavez said that even United Nations Ambassador of Peace, Dr. Clyde Rivers was present speaking on the topic of racial divide and prayed for racial healing.

"It's more of an opportunity to have everyone together. If you look here at the gathering there's people from different religions, cultures, so it gives the ability to meet with each other. It will shut the ignorance out and give us the ability to talk and meet each other," He said.

The event was meant to remind people that they should stand together despite who will end up being the commander and chief.

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