The dos and dont's at the polls

The dos and dont's at the polls

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Many of us know exactly what to do at the polls, but there have been a few stories popping up on social media about unexpected rules keeping people from voting... at least temporarily.

There was one about someone wearing an NYPD shirt at a Pampa poll. She was asked to step aside and have her shirt be inspected before moving forward to vote.

Another about a small group singing 'God Bless America' at an Amarillo polling station Wednesday before apparently being asked to stop.

So, what are the behavior rules when you're at the polls? Local election administrators have two key pieces of advice for you before you walk up to a polling location.

"Texas law says you may not have any form of a wireless communication device inside a polling location and you also may not have any form of a recording device inside a polling location," said Randall County Elections Administrator, Shannon Lackey.

Your phone, camera, or even a pager must at least 100 feet from the door of a polling location.

The other rule pertains to what you wear.

"Voters come in and they're proud of their selection," said Lackey. "They'll have a t-shirt, a hat, a button or something with them telling everyone how they're voting, that is not allowed."

When you walk into the polls, you cannot persuade or insinuate anything about the candidates or measures on the ballot.

"You're right to free speech needs to happen outside a polling place," said Lackey.

Most importantly -- you don't want to be disruptive to anyone waiting to cast their ballot.

If you do go into the polls with a phone or wearing something inappropriate, you will not be kicked out, but just asked to leave your phone and wear your shirt inside out.

Another good reminder is to bring your photo ID and be sure to check your summary screen before you hit cast ballot just to make sure the machine accurately recorded your vote.

For more information on voting, be sure to call your local elections office. 

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