Today's Halloween differs from original scare

Today's Halloween differs from original scare

As I grew up, Halloween was trick-or-treating by groups of children walking through neighborhoods dressed up for fun.

The history of Halloween begins in Celtic Ireland. According to multiple research papers, it likely began as celebrating the time when people believed the dead returned to the earth for a night to visit loved ones with the approach of the cold, dark winter after the harvest.

Romans conquered most of the Celts and tried to turn the rituals into something more Christian as a way of bringing the tribes into their culture, so you got All Saints Day and the night before called All Hallows Eve.

In our modern day, we have modified it more with Trunk-or-Treat events, harvest festivals and different fall festivities. And this year I'm sure there will be other changes made to celebrate on Oct. 31. Different beliefs drive different Perspectives.

What is your Perspective on Halloween in today's world? Will your family trick-or-treat this year? Will your neighborhood's streets be swarming with princesses and vampires?

Let us know what you think.

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