Amarillo bullying victim receives hundreds of letters of support

Amarillo bullying victim receives hundreds of letters of support

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A bullying victim in Amarillo, has sparked a movement not only in our area, but across the country.

Mia Munoz has pretty much become the poster child for a bullying victim, whose life changed, and this is all thanks to a few hundred kids and their support.

Munoz is all smiles now, but just a few months ago harmful words from other kids literally kept her in the dark, as she was scared to leave her home. And the "be-a-friend project" stepped in shortly after seeing our story.

They have helped gather hundreds of letters of support from other kids around the country. And a few days ago, Mia got those letters delivered.

"Oh man, I cried," says Mia's mother Naomi Reyes. "Just knowing how many people just wrote in, it makes me happy, it makes me feel...I guess they were tears of joy I guess, just all the support and everyone that was behind Mia."

"I was so happy because I thought really no one cared about it...just like another girl getting bullied, but it was really nice to know that a lot of people supported me," says Mia.

And now, teachers at Bushland High School and Westover Park Junior High are participating in the now nation-wide project. In fact, the letters their students wrote, made up about 275 of the 393 letters to Mia.

"It's a letter writing campaign and you just show your support to somebody that's being bullied," says Bushland teacher Michelle Lancaster. "I offer it to all my students. If they want to write the letter, they can. They don't have to, they're not forced to. These are students that wanted to."

Mia cried tears of joy opening up her package with letters reading messages like "you are beautiful" and "you are not alone."

"Something so small as a letter can make a huge difference to somebody that thinks the world is against them and just one friendly letter can make a huge difference," says Lancaster.

"It's like awesome because I didn't know that there was more people out of Amarillo that even knew who I was. It's like awesome to know that people from New York and Australia know my name."

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