Clowns not such a funny issue across America

Clowns not such a funny issue across America

What happened to happy Clowns piling out of a car at the circus?

I'm tired of seeing scary, creepy clowns.

Even Ronald McDonald is keeping a low profile, and Target announced it wasn't going to sell any more creepy clown masks. All because of what the Washington Post describes as a "growing national hysteria that many had previously regarded as a laughing matter."

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World Clown Association President Randy Christensen said in a news release, "They are taking something innocent and wholesome and perverting it to create fear in their audience."

That means they're not real clowns. He pointed out somebody dressed like a doctor and carrying a bloody chainsaw is likely not a real doctor.

At least 24 states have reported threats of clown incidents. Even Amarillo has seen at least one arrest when police said a man was threatening people in a parking lot.

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We get phone calls from mothers who say their kids beg to sleep with their parents because they saw pictures of scary clowns on television reports.

Our Perspective is a question for you: Do we cover the creepy clowns or not?

It's hard for us to know where to draw the line because when we do cover a clown story, you, our consumer, reads it online, shares it on social media and talks about it more than many of our other stories.

We have an obligation to alert you to danger and tell you about big stories, but balance that with not alarming everyone.

As long as horror is business - whether in films, books or local haunted houses - somebody is going to push it to the limit. How do you want us to cover it?

Let us know what you think.

Viewer Perspective

"I think you really have to refuse to cover this issue in any cases except where the "clown" ends up being arrested for some criminal activity. If you give people seeking publicity what they are seeking, it only encourages other marginally mature individuals who also seek publicity to mimic the obnoxious behavior. This seems like the kind of unfortunate trend that will end up getting someone seriously hurt if it continues. It's a shame that it has come to this, but it seems like a serious case of really bad judgment on the part of these people."  -James

"Nobody seems to remember the creation of Stephen King, Pennywise the Clown from the book, movie, mini-series "IT".  Being remade for release in September of 2017.  It comes as no surprise that a guerilla marketing campaign is being quietly engineered to generate "interest."  -Thomas

"Yes, please report on the clowns. As parents we need to know what's going on."  -Alisha   

"Silly. Everyone is too  sensitive.  Storyline not worth time or effort."  -Anonymous

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