5K donation helps HPFB prepare for holiday season

5K donation helps HPFB prepare for holiday season
Kids Cafe meal preparation (Source: KFDA)
Kids Cafe meal preparation (Source: KFDA)
High Plains Food Bank Truck (Source: KFDA)
High Plains Food Bank Truck (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The High Plains Food Bank (HPFB) can now serve more meals as the holidays approach, because of a donation from Cargill.

The corporation gave the HPFB's Kids Cafe a $5,200 donation to celebrate World Food Day.

Cargill and the food bank hope this will raise awareness and remind the public that 1 in every 4 school aged children suffer from food insecurity.

"The Kids Cafe program itself feeds children their third meal of the day," Amarillo Cargill Chair, Star Stater, said. "Many of these kids are getting their breakfast and lunch at school and most are often on the free meal program. So, they go to their after school programs and expect that third meal. When there isn't enough funding to feed children, where are these children going to get their next meal from?"

Throughout the summer the food bank saw about a $300,000 shortfall in donations and due to the lack of funding, they had to cut back on services they provided.

Kids Cafe serves about 1,400 meals in Amarillo every day but due the shortfall, they are now serving less children.

"We needed the funding and had to trim back the number of sites to service," Zack Wilson, Executive Director of the HPFB, said.

About 18 different schools and apartment complexes would receive meals for their families and their children but now only 13 are being served.

"97 cents of every dollar is used to purchase food," Stater said. "There are not many organizations out there that can say that and when the food bank is taking care of all the Texas Panhandle, there is a mighty need in this place."

Cargill has been a partner with the food bank since 2014 but donated specifically to the Kids Cafe so the bank can continue to distribute food to about 8,000 food insecure families monthly.

"The $5,200 that Cargill donated will go to our Kids Cafe program and right in use," Wilson said. "As we get closer to the Thanksgiving holiday season we would like to do some special meals for our kids where we provide daily meals. This donation will help us get through this next month and a half. We needed this and the timing is just great."

With this decrease, the food bank is asking for money donations, $30 will feed one child in the Kids Cafe program for more than two weeks.

For more information about the Kids Cafe visit their website.

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