Chase tower to see improvements and additions in coming months

Chase tower to see improvements and additions in coming months

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The chase tower in Downtown Amarillo is in the process of getting a face lift and some new additions.

Today was the first day tenants of the Chase tower could use a brand new gym that opened on the 6th floor. And this is one of many additions coming, that will hopefully attract more occupants in the coming months.

It's the tallest building in the city of Amarillo and one of the most iconic and now those who run the Chase tower hope improvements will keep it that way.

In a building of this size, Leasing Agent Aron Emerson says there is always a tenant coming and going. But come next year, the 95 percent occupation will drop quite a bit.

"Here next year Xcel will be moving into their new headquarters, which will be great for Amarillo," says Emerson. "But we'll have a big hole to fill after that. So what we've been doing in the mean time while we're waiting for them to exit is polishing up the building as much as we can."

Some of that polishing up includes elevator and exterior landscape upgrades, a more sophisticated fire alarm system, lobby upgrades and added parking lots.

And just today, they unveiled a new gym for all tenants to use, complete with a personal trainer.

"We sent out a tenant survey, told the tenants...just trying to gauge any problems they were having anything they liked about the building just to see what we needed to budget for 2016 and so we've tried to gauge that budget and the improvements based on their feedback," says property manager Jennifer Webber with CBRE.

Bringing in new tenants after the Xcel move is a big reason for some of these upgrades, but Emerson and Webber say the changes must be made to keep the Chase tower the building it is known to be.

"The owners goal are that this is the most prestigious building in town and is one of the most economical deals in town, the most bang for your buck," says Emerson.

"Anything that we can add that will be more attractive, I think it will be an advantage to the building," says Webber.

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