76 Aramark employees to be laid off

76 Aramark employees to be laid off

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A letter to the Texas Workforce Commission shows 76 Aramark employees are being laid off.

The company Aramark is contracted to provide food services for the Hospital, however changing those services to Sodexo food management means a major change for some employees.

Like many hospitals around the country, Northwest Texas Hospital contracts a company to provide food and nutrition services.

Currently, they use Aramark's services, however their contract is up on November 30th. And a new company called Sodexo is set to take on the services.

"The reason for the change is we felt it was time to elevate the services here at Northwest," says COO Randall Castillo. "There is several capital projects associated with the decision that's going to improve our cafeteria services and food services for our patients."

But what about the 76 employees who work for the company?

Castillo tells us they have the option of applying for a position with the new company...otherwise, they will lose a job.

"I've met with them as a group, I've met with some individually and we've had several sessions of kind of a meet and greet where they had an opportunity to understand the packages, the salaries for Sodexo," says Castillo.

Castillo says it was time to explore the System's options, and they believe Sodexo will provide a wide variety of choices for customers and employees.

"I'm not ready to disclose what type of new offerings we're going to be providing, but we are looking at franchises, so those are things that we're kind of factoring in moving forward."

During the conversion, there will be no interruption in services, as Castillo says the change will happen from one day to the next. Castillo tells us Sodexo will be on scene soon to start accepting applications for those interested.

The original version of this article did not clearly identify the employer of the 76 employees being laid off. The employer is Aramark, a food contracting service for Northwest Texas Healthcare System.

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