City in need of more manpower to help with dumpster issues

City in need of more manpower to help with dumpster issues

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The city of Amarillo is in need of more manpower to fulfill all the calls coming in about damaged dumpsters.

It's something not too many people think about unless you're having a problem. But badly damaged trash bins in Amarillo have proven to be an issue for many, including the city.

It's a graveyard for dumpsters that continues to pile high because they are damaged, or no good. Many people like 83-year-old David Gutierrez have trouble cleaning up after the trash falls out of the bottom...and he wants answers.

And the city is well aware of the issue.

"It runs about 575 dollars to buy a dumpster," says Assistant Director of Public Works Van Hagan. "We do have a repair program where we bring them in and repair them, because we can repair them for about 250 bucks on average and give a little more life out of them."

The problem...there is only one welder to fulfill the calls coming in about the 19,000 bins the city oversees. But they do have a budget this year that will allow the purchase of 200 new dumpsters and additional welders.

"We have the positions budgeted already, it's just a matter of getting them filled and finding someone who's a certified welder who can come in and fill those positions, so we're trying to get those positions filled," says Hagan. "We just recently filled our solid waste superintendent position. He's very aware and very concerned about our backlog of inventory."

The city has talked about applying tags to all the bins, allowing people to scan them with their smart phones and notify the city of any damage. But for now, that is just a thought until they fill the much needed positions.

"We've had a lot of turnover. We've lost our solid waste supervisor last year, we've had some retirements of our coordinators and so manpower's been an issue."

If you are experiencing a dumpster issue, you are asked to call the solid waste department at 378-6813.

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