Emergency Nurses Association to host 2016 Medical Symposium

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Oct.16 through Oct. 22 is Emergency Nurses Week and our local Emergency Nurses Association is hosting the 2016 Medical Symposium to make sure nurses and EMS are up to date on their training.

The Emergency Nurses Association is an organization that strives to bring the most current information to all health care providers, and this symposium is doing just that. On Friday, Oct. 7 any nurse or EMS worker can come to hear 8 speakers talk about the most current medical trends to save lives.

Although the ENA wants nurses and EMS workers from Amarillo to participate, they are pushing to reach the regional workers as well. The hope is for representation from all 26 panhandle counties as well as New Mexico and Oklahoma.

"Although Amarillo is a centralized location for medical care, a lot of these patients start out in other facilities," says Jaclyn Flowers RN, CEN. "It's really important that everybody is aware of that information because you have to be able to treat that patient on site and then be able to stabilize and transfer."

The 2016 Symposium is a kickoff for emergency nurses week next week and coordinators wanted to seize the opportunity to education the region. There are always new techniques and procedures emergency personnel need to know to save lives.

During symposiums like this one, workers get the opportunity to learn the new medical techniques hands on from well known professionals in our area.
Taking this time to learn, can help save the lives of residents all around the panhandle.

"We're hitting all the way up into New Mexico and Oklahoma we get those patients as well," says Deborah Casida, ERN. "So, we're trying to hit all 26 counties Friona, Plainview, little towns they see the bad stuff and they have to stabilize those patients and get them to us safely and hopefully alive and well. Education is phenomenal for these people in order to give the best service and hopefully save a life which, that's our goal"

The symposium is taking place Friday, Oct. 7th at the Laura Bush Institute Auditorium located at 1400 Wallace Blvd. The cost to attend the symposium is $40 for ENA members and 50 for non-members. Each nurse or EMS worker that attends can earn up to 8.5 units of credit toward continuing education.

Anyone who would like to attend is welcome. Registration is still open and you can also just walk in and pay at the door.

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