Stand 4 LEOs to host "Support Law Enforcement" walk

Stand 4 LEOs to host "Support Law Enforcement" walk

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - There have been numerous efforts to support local law enforcement and emergency management services, and one group sees the need for even more here in Amarillo.

One group vowed to educate and support others around the Panhandle.

Stand 4 LEOs has one goal.

"We started when there was less support for the law enforcement, when we started seeing dwindling numbers as far as officers not being supported by their community," says Vice President Jessica Huerta. "A lot of officers were being injured or killed in the line of duty, unfairly and unjustly and we wanted to come together to raise funds for those that were injured or down in the line of duty."

Just one year old, the group has had a busy year organizing events and acting as a support system for officers and other first responders. And their work has not gone unnoticed.

"We've gotten a tremendous amount of support this year with things that have happened starting middle of the year and just continuing on and our community has stood up and they've stood for us," says APD Officer Jeb Hilton.

The group will be holding a special walk this weekend to support law enforcement officers. They are inviting the public out to also show their support, as speakers like Houston Gass and representatives from the group Humanizing the Badge will come out to the event.

"We also want to bridge the gap in the community," says Huerta. "We don't want to be for one over the other, we want our community to get a long with our law enforcement, with our community. APD has great great community policing I believe. I think that our community really appreciates and respects our officers and that's why we're here. We want to be the middle. We want to say hey guys, they're not bad."

The event will be Saturday morning at 10 at the old Potter County Courthouse. You are asked to wear blue, if possible.

For more information on the event, visit Stand 4 LEOs Facebook page.

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