Netflix creates pop-up Luke's Diners for 'Gilmore Girls' revival

Netflix creates pop-up Luke's Diners for 'Gilmore Girls' revival

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - 'Gilmore Girls' fans now have the chance to drink coffee like a Gilmore, thanks to Netflix and their pop-up Luke's event.

On Oct. 5, Netflix is making Luke's Diners happen in real life across the United States and Canada.

Approximately 250 Netflix-sponsored cafés will be converted into Luke's Diners for one day.

According to a Facebook post by 918 COFFEE, a participating shop, baristas will be dressed as Luke's employees with branded aprons and T-shirts and will be giving away 150 free coffees in Luke's logo cups.

Events will last from 7 a.m. to noon but supplies are limited.

The 'Gilmore Girls' four-episode revival is coming to Netflix on Nov. 25.

To find the pop-up Luke's Diner in your area visit Stars Hallow's website, and yes, there will be diners in Texas and Oklahoma.

Cancel all of your plans for Oct. 5 and get ready for a road trip because this is event fans don't want to miss.

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