Amarillo clown sightings happening for a reason

Amarillo clown sightings happening for a reason

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Reports of eerie clown sightings have been popping up around the country...and now some are being seen here in Amarillo.

Clowns are meant to make people laugh, but scary clown sightings at night do not have some Amarilloans laughing, especially considering some of the other recent clown incidents around the country.

It's a prank being seen all around the country...

Clowns walking the streets late at night, some even luring kids into the woods.

So naturally, concerned citizens reached out to us after seeing clowns wandering Amarillo at places like Medi Park and sitting at bus stops.

"Right there at the bridge under the lights was some guy dressed up as a took us a second to realize what was going on and then he started walking toward us and we were like we should probably go the other direction," says Ethan Pearson.

So, is it serious or just a twisted joke?

Organizers with a local haunted house tell us this is their way of promoting.

And while some disagree with the method, APD tells us the clowns are not doing anything illegal. But those who have seen them say, it might be a recipe for danger.

"I'm all for pranks, I'm a prankster myself, but whenever you go up to random strangers, like dressed up as something trying to scare them, I know it's the season for it now, but people can spook easy, especially when they don't know what your intentions are," says Pearson. "It can go bad for either party."

Some, however say the haunted house should consider another way of promoting.

"If it was more isolated to where the haunted house actually is, then I think it would be more appropriate, but in random parks at night where there's still kids out at like 8 pm and we saw this guy at like 9 and we still heard kids out at the park out there, so it could really frighten some kids and really tick off some parents."

The clowns tell us they are not out to hurt anyone or do anything illegal, they're just having fun promoting the business.

Now reports of clowns in Borger and Canyon have begun, some of them even with their own twitter accounts. As for those clowns, it is unclear if they are around for the same reason.

For more information on the sixth street massacre haunted house, visit

The AAYC director Matt Hite has gone on record to say that Van Buren Frightmare "will not participate in any of these clowns pranks."

The Amarillo Scare grounds also wants to make it known they will not partake in this type of  promotion.

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