Local pet owner speaks out about pet product issues

Local pet owner speaks out about pet product issues

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Multiple veterinarians are seeing more cases of dogs being poisoned by some flea and tick products.

Flea and tick products are easily accessible, as they are ready to purchase over the counter.

But you may want to think again before applying some of these products to your furry friends.

The dog seen here is Zoey...and she is one of the many dogs local veterinarians have had to treat, thanks to products like these.

Hartz was the brand used in this case, however Dr. David Faulkner tells us it happens with others as well. In fact, he sees between 20-30 cases a month.

"Chemicals that they put in these products can males animals sick, like debilitated or vomiting, diarrhea...like too much toxin," says Faulkner.

"Within a minute and a half of her bath, she started whining and crying which is unusual because she loves her baths," says Berklee Muir, Zoey's owner. "I rinsed it off, and washed her off with some baby soap and she was fine for the remainder of her bath, but once she went into the living room and sat down on the chair, she laid down and she was struggling to breathe."

Zoey was diagnosed with pyrethrin toxicity, essentially a type of poisoning. What Dr. Faulkner says it comes down to...knowing the proper dosage and observing your pets.

"I think we see more cases because people are trying to save money and going to those stores and Hartz is a very common retailer product that retailers carry, therefore I think you're going to see that more often," says Faulkner.

Muir is of course, thankful Zoey did not die from the products, and she wants to use this as a lesson for other pet owners.

"There are many people like myself who weren't aware upon purchasing the product, but if we can get the word out there to prevent any other life long effects or death of any other pet, I'd love to do that."

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