Southeast 3rd Avenue project delayed

Southeast 3rd Avenue project delayed

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The City of Amarillo has announced delays in the Southeast 3rd Avenue project.

Currently, traffic along Southeast 3rd Avenue is being rerouted and these detours will continue for the next four weeks.

On July 12, the City of Amarillo's Capital Projects & Development Engineering department began a storm sewer repair and replacement project along Southeast 3rd Avenue between Johnson and Arthur streets.

As work began, the City's contractor began finding and identifying additional storm sewer failures and structural issues that must be repaired prior to the roadway being re-opened.

The contractor discovered that a previously abandoned storm sewer had collapsed under the concrete, caving in the westbound traffic lane.

City officials say the extent of these hazards could only be identified as each stage of the original construction progressed.

The emergency nature of the project combined with the identification of these additional hazards has resulted in delays.

Those delays are necessary to ensure the hazards present are being dealt with appropriately to ensure safe traveling by the public in the future.

Items associated with this revised scope include the additional replacement of approximately 150 linear feet of gravity storm sewer, proper abandonment of existing storm sewers, and the replacement of concrete paving.

The discovery, design and contract administration processes for this revised scope of work have been completed and construction activities are currently taking place.

It is anticipated for all work, including the original contract and additions, will be completed in the next four weeks and the contractor will continue to maintain business access.

For more information, call the City of Amarillo's Capital Projects & Development Engineering department at 378-6025.

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