Residents launch campaign in support of propositions 1-7

Residents launch campaign in support of propositions 1-7

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - One group hopes educating the public will mean voting yes on seven propositions in November.

Local residents have launched a campaign in support of propositions one through seven, which they say if passed, will protect and improve the city of Amarillo.

Unite for Amarillo's slogan..."Let's get back to our pioneer roots and unite to protect and improve our city."

They are composed of a group of citizens who want to educate Amarilloans on seven propositions to vote on in November.

"Our city's at a critical juncture right now," says Member Steve Pair. "We're being asked to step up to the plate and invest in our future and so this group is just going to focus on educating the public about the upcoming bond election, the propositions on the election, and why we need to come together to support those."

Pair says props one, three and four will improve city streets, traffic and aging infrastructure. Props two and six will increase police and firefighter protection and will allow the city pothole patching machines to meet service demands.

And props five and seven will create new jobs and revenue for the city.

"It's obvious that our infrastructure and some of our facilities just need a little TLC, a little love. The bad part is, the city just does not have the tax revenue to cover that, so they're saying hey voters, we need your help," says Pair.

But it does come with a cost.

If all seven proposals pass, you will receive a four cent property tax increase for five years.

To put it into perspective, if you have the average $123,838 home, you will be paying about $247.70 extra annually at the end of those five phases.

"Nobody likes a tax increase, but sometimes we have to do that, you know Amarillo has enjoyed a low, low property tax rate for a long time and I think that the condition of the streets and our facility really highlight that," says Pair.

An important note...if you are over the age of 65 or disabled, your rate will not increase, as it is frozen under state law.

There has been talk an opposing group will begin campaigning, however the city tells us no other group has yet registered.

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