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Amarillo officials say water bills are read correctly

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City of Amarillo meter reader checking a water meter City of Amarillo meter reader checking a water meter
Water meter in South Amarillo Water meter in South Amarillo

NewsChannel 10 first reported about the 'water billing woes' for Hillside Terrace residents earlier this month and since then, more residents from other Amarillo neighborhoods have come forward with bills triple what they normally pay. 

One of them, 80-year-old Lucy Garcia. 

Garcia lives modestly these days. She lives by herself and on a fixed income. 

So when her daughter, Tina Navarro, saw her recent water bill, she immediately got on the phone with the city. 

"This bill tells me that she used 85,000 gallons of water.," said Navarro. "I don't think so, there's something wrong." 

The City billed her for more than $400.According to her recent bills, on average she uses a total of 18,000-20,000 gallons and pays around $100. 

"This is a financial hardship for my mom," said Navarro. "It's also a financial hardship for the families getting these high water bills. So, the answer I received from the city is unacceptable and it's unsatisfactory for us." 

The city told Garcia, and other residents in the same situation, to review the settings on their sprinkler system and to check for leaks. But she says she and other residents on her block don't have leaks. 

City officials were not available to comment on camera Thursday, but in a statement from Interim City Manager, Terry Childers, he says "I am confident that water meters were read accurately throughout the system." Another spokesperson through the city says there have been minimal complaints and not many adjustments. 

But, Navarro is not convinced. Her mother is left with a bill she can't pay and is still demanding answers from the city. 

Navarro says the city told her they would send someone out to her home to inspect her meter, but at the cost $30 -- money she doesn't want to pay. 

If you're in a similar situation, you can give the city a call at 378-4272. Officials will be able to walk resident through reading their bills and try to help each individual. 

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