Amarillo woman creates trendy "transaction card protection"

Amarillo woman creates trendy "transaction card protection"

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Kendra Watkins and her brother Bryson Watkins have created a local start-up company called Cardkix.

Kendra says it is the first of its kind, and allows you to insert a card into their transaction card sleeve.

Watkins says the sleeve offers 360 degrees of protection to sensitive card information while only allowing access to the name of the card holder, and the magnetic strip.

Her mission is to protect people's card information from thieves and scammers.

Once sealed, CardKix composes tamper evident features, alarming the card owner that their card information has possibly been compromised.

Kendra is currently attending WT, while Bryson is attending AC.

"We are just two college kids trying to start a business, with not a lot of money, but we're excited to see where it goes," says Kendra.

The duo tells us their product does have a patent pending.

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