Dalhart ISD officials and parents speak out about gun incident

Dalhart ISD officials and parents speak out about gun incident

DALHART, TX (KFDA) - An incident at an area junior high school has the district and parents brainstorming ideas to keep students safer.

A little over 8,000 people live in Dalhart and the talk of the town is still about the incident yesterday, where a young student brought a gun to school.

The signs very clearly say gun free school zone.

But one Dalhart Junior High student ignored those signs, as he brought an unloaded gun to school yesterday.

Was there malicious intent?

"No, we don't feel that there's any intent," says Superintendent John Massey. "We are still investigating it at this point in time, we're looking into the whole incident, but we didn't feel like there was intent."

But parents are still upset, especially about the way they were notified.

"I found out through facebook, which of course is not the way you want to be let known that your child has had a dangerous situation at their school," says Parent of Dalhart JHS student Kelli Barnes.

DISD, however says there is a reason for that...lack of time, as the incident happened later in the afternoon. And they tell us they distributed as many letters they could before students went home.

"We would like to send something home with them," says Massey. "If the time doesn't permit, we utilize the Facebook or other kind of social media apps to try and get the information out to them."

Massey says the school's main priority is keeping the students safe.

For that reason, they are now working with local law enforcement to brainstorm.

"Is there something that we could've done better, is there something that we can do in the future? How can we stop this from happening?"

We will continue to monitor any changes that are made and will bring you any updates.

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