Amarillo could see delays in attracting a Double A baseball team

Amarillo could see delays in attracting a Double A baseball team

New developments in San Antonio could delay Amarillo's plans to attract a Double A baseball team.

"Mayor Ivy Taylor on Wednesday effectively shelved a plan to bring Triple-A baseball to San Antonio by the 2019 season," states an article published on San Antonio Express-News.

The article continues to say that Taylor told her City Council that staff will continue to work on the project, but there's been no financial commitment included in either the fiscal year 2017 budget, which the council is poised to approve on Sept. 15, or in the 2017 bond program, which will go before San Antonio voters next May.

Even so, the City of Amarillo remains committed to bringing affiliated baseball to the Texas Panhandle.

"We are aware the mayor has indicated that they are not able to put a stadium in place prior to the 2019 season," Amarillo's Interim City Manager, Terry Childers, said. "Just as Amarillo went through a process to approve the MPEV, San Antonio has a process to go through, and we have always understood that and are respectful of their process. It's not a sprint, it's a marathon, to get through the process."

Childers said that Amarillo City leaders continue to be in close communication with the San Antonio Missions ownership and other key players in understanding that team's status.

Back in May the City of Amarillo began negotiating a letter of intent with the San Antonio Missions.

"We remain highly optimistic in our efforts to attract a minor league baseball team to Amarillo, Texas," Childers said adding that plans in clearing the site for the Multi-Purpose Event Venue (MPEV) remain on schedule.

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