Amarillo girl gets special birthday visit from heroes

Amarillo girl gets special birthday visit from heroes

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - An Amarillo girl who has aspirations of being a police officer had an unforgettable birthday party, all thanks to area law enforcement.

Nova started a movement online to help battle some of the recent negativity law enforcement officers have been seeing, but little did she know her work was not going unnoticed, and that law enforcement would be the ones to support her.

Nova is almost at, that is.

Her goal is to take a photo with as many law enforcement officials in Texas as she can.

Why? To inspire other children and their parents to show some kindness to our men and women in blue.

"We've gone to Borger already, we've gone to all of the local police departments, sheriffs office, we've had messages from Washington.," says Nova's mother Lizzy Kinkade. "She has been personally invited to come to the sheriffs conference in July down in Dallas, and it's just turned into something a lot bigger than we ever thought it would."

But officers were the ones asking for HER picture on Sunday, as it was Nova's seventh birthday, appropriately police-themed.

Around 20 Amarillo Police and area County Deputies took time out of their busy schedules to show up to her party, with surprise gifts and special birthday wishes.

"A lot of cops came and there was about 20 and a SWAT truck came," says Nova. "There was a lot of people."

"I know we have some really great officers in Amarillo and in the country, there's great people," says Kinkade. "There's normal people. But for them to be willing to come to a 7-year-olds birthday party when they could be doing so much other stuff, it's really humbling, it truly is humbling. And it's just a great feeling knowing that what she's doing is making a difference."

Nova says the biggest gift was just having officers in her presence, as she calls them her heroes.

And although small, she has one big goal.

"I want to be one when I grow up. Because they do really good things."

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