Perspective panel sees 'unbalance' in race relations

Perspective panel sees 'unbalance' in race relations

NewsChannel 10 is inviting you to take part in a focus group aimed that is measuring tensions felt between the Amarillo community and the city police department. For the new few weeks, Perspective will explore this topic in depth and publish our findings from the discussions every Tuesday.

In our panel discussion with a group of white or Anglo citizens, we discussed Amarillo's police relations related to race. Efforts to isolate local reality from national emotions proved to be difficult.

Here are a few remarks and quotes from the group:

"I see an unbalance that is hard to describe."

The Perspective was different because this group felt a potential for racism or tension with our police officers, but could not identify it or say it existed in Amarillo.

As with the minority panel, there was a fear due to the power any police officer may have over them. There was also a similar thread where teaching our youth to be compliant and show respect was referenced. This group seemed to view police relations with the public positively, but showed reservations about giving a perfect score.

NewsChannel 10 and West Texas A&M have worked together to place an interactive survey on This is your last week to give us your thoughts on this matter. We want your perspective as we will wrap-up this conversation over the next few weeks.

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