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City of Amarillo comes together for 15th Anniversary Remembrance Ceremony

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Early this morning people gathered for the 15th Anniversary Remembrance Ceremony.

The presentation lead with a band of bag-pipe players and was followed by the national anthem, speeches, prayers and other customary traditions performed by our men in blue.

Also present was the Honor Guards of the Amarillo Police Department, the Amarillo Fire Department, the Potter and Randall County Sheriff's Offices, The Randall County Fire Department, and the Department of Public Safety.

Mayor Paul Harpole was present and said that this is a day that should always be remembered and never forgotten.

"We have no right to forget this we won’t forget this and it just takes a moment to stir these memories and turn up those memories that are so hard to think about each year."

APD'S Assistant Chief Ken Funtek said he also remembers the feeling he and local officers felt when hearing of the tragedy 15-years ago, and also other tragedies that followed closely behind.

Collective shock following that up with the Pentagon attack and the plane that went down in Pennsylvania that is something that never happened in my life time.

Nine-Eleven will forever be known as one of the biggest events in history and also a day of honor for those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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