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Teaching 9/11 to millenials

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High school teachers have adjust their curriculum to educate the first generation of people without first hand experience of the event.

The majority of high school students are either too young to remember, or were not alive on Sept.11, 2001. 

"We used to really focus on where they were when it happened, their experience and what they recall from the day," said Ty Mayfield, Chair of the Social Studies Department at Bushland High School. "We try to give each grade a different aspect of 9/11."

While many students were too young to comprehend the significance of the event at the time, they do understand the role 9/11 plays in the world they grew up in.

"I don't want my generation to forget where we came from and forget what happened, because the moment we forget is the moment we fail," said Lonna Rauh, Junior at River Road. 

Many students learn about the events of the attacks from their families. This causes student to be more or less familiar with the subject by the time they reach the class room.

Teacher feel, despite how well the students understand the facts of September 11th, it is important for children to know how 9/11 fits into the big picture.

"We just want the kids to be aware of the sacrifices emergency responders made and how it changed the world," said Mayfield. "It's probably the most impacting events of this century." 

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